Literally overnight, we helped Flatterware, a division of Stewart-Stand, add changes to their 3D design of a consumer product, including draft angles and other features in preparation for plastic injection molding. We later designed the remaining component of the product, an elastomeric cup designed to collapse easily and pop open with a "snap." The function and design of the cup currently have patents pending. We are currently working with Flatterware to develop a whole line of collapsible products.

Machined a pair of Alumiunum parts with a very fast turnaround time for display at the 2008 CES show in Las Vegas.
Working with Stewart-Stand, we helped develop and test the identity theft security measures encorporated into a new line of wallets. The wallets are featured in high-end department stores and museum stores wold-wide. Our contibutions to the project are the subject of a pending patent. Visit their site:
Machined tiny Aluminum parts with tight tolerances and an even tighter schedule.
We custom designed a transmission system for a dune buggy. The use of Finite Element Analysis computer software allowed us to verify design decisions before a single component was purchased or assembled. (Read Report)
Our Engineers' Prior Work:
Helped a major pharmaceutical corporation develop prototypes for an antibiotic powder delivery device.
Developed a robust hoist mechanism allowing a leading retailer to save valuable floor space by storing large items on the ceiling.
Designed an attractive, efficient, and easy to use pill dispenser from scratch. This project involved heavy rapid prototypng, 3D motion analysis, and resulted in an easy, and therefore cheap, to produce product.
Quickly devloped a collapsable umbrella prototype for strollers that keeps the pusher dry.
Working with the NYU MIS Lab and Zimmer Orthapedics, our engineers developed an ultra-precise instrumented mechanical linkge to be used in computer guided knee replacement surgery.
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